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Ruby on Rails Ecosystem Fall 2009

To give you some idea why we use and love Ruby on Rails, here are a few quotes, from the Rails Ecosystem Fall 2009 Whitepaper.

“A few days after Labor Day in 2008 at a Denver hotel, an acclaimed instructor
running a course in computer software realized one of his pupils was a
venture capitalist. When asked why he was in a class to learn “Ruby on Rails”
beside a raft of Java programmers eager to reinvent themselves, the VC
answered simply—all the start-ups coming to him were using it, and he
wanted to ?nd out why it was such a big deal. "

“A few weeks earlier, a government employee approached a keynote speaker at a local Ruby User’s Conference outside Washington, DC, and related to him
that her agency was about to launch an ambitious plan to convert 40,000 Lotus Notes and ColdFusion databases to Ruby on Rails in a major move to
refresh their infrastructure by moving to Open Source and away from proprietary technologies. "

“A few months earlier, a physician entrepreneur besieged by institutional
investors to buy a stake in his hot and successful start-up turned the
questioning back on them. He quizzed them on the best technology with
which to build and expand his popular online site. What were their portfolio
companies using? The uniform answer—the Ruby programming language and
the Ruby on Rails Web application framework built on top of it. "

Of all the tools I’ve used, ASP, PHP, Java … etc none have made me more productive – as a developer and business owner, that is where the rubber hits the road.

Javascript is the best language ever. Ever!

Well ok, not the best, not the fastest, not the most elegant, not even my favorite but, I’d argue, it is the most important and will be the most important for sometime to come.


Pervasiveness. It is built into every browser and significant apps are being built with it – even on the server.

Javascript is no Ruby (my favorite language by a large margin)- but it is very important and has come a long way since back in the day when the implementations were so varied.

Now, with Chrome and the V-8 engine (which makes Javascript much faster) I can say with some confidence that Javascript will be here and important, very important, in building modern applications that live on the internet for at least a decade – probably longer.

Check out Chrome – especially if you use Windows. It allows us to develop apps for the HTML5 standard – the latest and greatest. We are going to try to make Chrome work in IE for Pet Vet Records – which will open up the doors to a lot of Windows users.

Then, PVR will work, pretty much the same (with a very few tweeks/differences) on

  • The iPhone (which we originally developed the app for)
  • Safari – the PC version
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • And even Windows IE if you use the Chrome Frame plugin

So, thanks to standards, our app works on most of the modern browsers – not bad considering when we started out it was just for the iPhone. Web apps have come a long way baby!

The Chrome Plugin just did an end around Microsoft – and I hope it takes notice by implementing standards.

iPhone version of site ready

Do you have an iPhone? Then check out our site iPhone’ized :)

Why do we like love the iPhone?

Many reasons, really. I like to think of it as the best personal computer out there. Sure it is limited, you won’t want to write War & Peace on it, but that is one of the reasons to like it – constraints.

Constraints help in the design process as well. We find that our iPhone design helps our regular apps as well. Once we finish the iPhone version, the essence of the app is captured and provides for a great base to start from on a regular app. If it is not on the iPhone – why should it be in a regular app?


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